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Friday, December 29, 2017

Today we bid a sad retirement farewell to a legend here at Panoramic...

While company loyalty seems to be a fleeting commodity in today's corporate culture, Paul has exemplified what it means to serve with integrity, passion, commitment and luminous positivity even in the most trying of times. His tireless efforts, ingenuity, and fierce attention to detail have forged a permanent mark on all of us here at Panoramic. Whether you have been a guest here, served alongside Paul, or perhaps a customer who have been blessed by the steady work of his hands reflected in Panoramic's hallmark reliability, he left an impression on you that to this day still bespeaks of service excellence.

It is incredibly hard if not impossible to replace people of such tremendous character and diligence. His example has set the proverbial bar (way) high, yet with a magnetic humility and in a manner that willingly prompts others to share the vision cast with a vibrant outlook on what's ahead.

And while our gaze forward will be without him in person, his presence will be felt by all who continue the same care and ambassodorship of faithful workmanship which serves our customers within the amazing dental community.

From all of us (still here), wishing you all the best as you enjoy retirement with your beloved family, cheering on the White Sox and of course, wetting a line in hopes of snatching yet another great catch!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

While we bleed our stripes of Panoramic green, November brings with it a passionate pursuit of the one day that presents all things savings otherwise known as BLACK FRIDAY!

As you look at your practice and plan for the future, does the power of advanced digital panoramic or 3D imaging excite you about the comprehensive care you deliver your patients, your practice?  Improving the patient experience, cultivating more opportunities for co-diagnosis can abound within your practice, achieved with some of the most significant savings of the year!

Now through Monday, November 27th we invite you to take advantage of special pricing and 0% interest financing to help ease the adoption of technology which will translate to tangible benefits (and savings) yet this year and well beyond!

We understand equipment investments can be intimidating. Our team of specialists have been carefully assembled to guide and help begin a conversation about how to strategically position your practice and develop a technology plan that focuses intently on caring for your patients and investing in the diagnostic health of your practice!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 15, 2017

Our Dental Community Friends & Family-

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and everyone affected by Hurricane Irma. Just a few weeks ago, the entire nation watched the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana only to be followed by the largest hurricane ever in the Atlantic.

As a lifelong resident of the Houston area, I too have been affected in many ways by the recent events. Being displaced from my home has been challenging, but it has also allowed me to pause, take a personal inventory and ultimately find ways to help others.

Fortunately, the dental community has served me well for the past 25 years and being part of an organization like Panoramic Corporation has reminded me of the family atmosphere of my colleagues and our customers.

While we do not know exactly how you were personally impacted by this event, please know that we are standing by and ready to assist you in any way possible. We can perform an evaluation of your Panoramic X-ray machine for insurance purposes, move your machine or offer you aggressive pricing on a new unit including special financing with no payments for six months. Regardless, our employees and factory trained technicians are ready to assist.

Please let us know how we can remove any burden for you, so you can focus on rebuilding. As always, we can be reached at 800-654-2027. Please mention “hurricane relief” when you call. You may also call my cell phone at 281-639-0618 if you need to discuss your situation in detail.

From the entire team at Panoramic Corporation, we wish you the best and look forward to continue serving your practice.

Best regards,

Hector Gonzalez
Director of Sales and Special Markets
Panoramic Corporation
Sales and Marketing
Young Innovations Inc.
Cell 281-639-0618
Richmond, TX

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