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Computer Setup Instructions

Whether you are upgrading or replacing your current dedicated panoramic x-ray machine computer; please follow these 5 steps to ensure a successful transition to your new computer. Panoramic Technical Support can be reached at 800-654-2027 for any questions.

STEP 1: Identify

There are different generations of digital upgrades provided by Panoramic. Which computer interface card do you have? You may also find this information within the Device Manager of the computer, under Imaging devices or Network adapters.

 PC2-CamlinkEpix EB1Intel CT Desktop Adaptor
Type PC2-Camlink Epix EB1 Intel CT Desktop Adaptor


PCI PCI Express x1 or x16
(use x16 slot for Win 10 Pro)
PCI Express x1 or x16
Size Full Height Full or Half Height
- call to order different size bracket
Full or Half Height
- call to order different size bracket
Compatible Operating
Windows 7 Professional
(32-bit Only)
Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit
Windows 10 Professional 32/64 bit
Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit
Windows 10 Professional 32/64 bit
Used with
Pano Machines
PC-1000 Digital Retrofit PC-1000 Digital Retrofit
PC-1000 Digital Retrofit
Encompass (2D & 3D CBCT)


STEP 2: Calibration Backup

On the existing computer, backup the following folder (whichever is present based on the X-Ray machine used):

PC-1000, PC-4000, Encompass (1st Generation), & Envision

C:/ProgramData/Ajat/panoramic/calib (hidden folder)

(Optional) C:/ProgramData/Ajat/panoramic/datastor

Encompass (2nd Generation onward) & Encompass 3D (CBCT)

C:/Dental Imaging Software/Original Data

(Optional) C:/Dental Imaging Software/Patient Images


STEP 3: Computer Information

The next PC used must be a Windows desktop tower (see step 1 for compatibility). Mac computers & Mac OS not supported. Laptops & All-in-One computers will not work because the capture card must be transferred to the next computer.

 Minimum Specifications

Preferred Specifications

Operating System

Windows 7 Professional
Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Professional

Processor (Intel Brand Required)

i5 6th Generation

i7 6th Generation or later


4 GB

8 GB

Hard Drive

250 GB

500+ GB or greater,
7200 RPM or faster

One Available Expansion slot

x1 or x16

x1  or x16


STEP 4: Calibration Filter

Locate the calibration filter. Please have this calibration filter ready before calling PanCorp Support.



26mm thick Aluminum Filter
(black or silver)

20mm thick Aluminum Filter


2” x 3”

3" x 3"

Use with Pano Machines

PC-1000 & PC-4000

Encompass (all generations) & Envision


STEP 5: Call PanCorp Support

(Internet connection required)

PanCorp Support will remotely connect to the computer and Install/Configure the Panoramic Acquisition Software. The software can be recalibrated with the help of an onsite assistant and the calibration block. This process typically takes 15-25 minutes. Machine and Software calibrations are recommended every 2 years.

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