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Platinum Care Package

With the purchase of any Digital Imaging System from Panoramic, our customers have access to one of the most comprehensive support and service packages in the industry. We call it the Platinum Care Package.Backed by years of trust and experience, Panoramic stands alone in its commitment to providing you with years of worry-free maintenance and service. Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we have developed our Platinum Care Package to encompass all the valuable support options that you need, when you need them most.

Live Phone Support
Available from 8am-6pm EST, Panoramic’s Inside Support team, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana is available to extend live service support. Whether you have questions regarding user operation, patient positioning techniques, software support or basic troubleshooting, we are available to provide live, real-time support without the frustration of automated menus or elongated wait times.

Live Web Support
Utilizing remote access software, Certified Digital Support Technicians “arrive” in your office in a matter of moments to immediately offer troubleshooting tips and solutions to commonly asked questions.

Local Technicians
Equipped with installation and service experience, Panoramic local technicians offer personal attention to assist with equipment questions, challenges and preventative maintenance services.

Software Upgrades
Panoramic includes image acquisition software upgrades to ensure continued compatibility and access to the latest operational versions.

Live Chat
Have questions about your Panoramic equipment or need additional assistance with patient positioning? Visit and click on Live Chat to connect directly with our Support Team eager to assist you!

Focused Product Expertise
Celebrating 25 years of products and services, Panoramic continues to focus exclusively on extra-oral radiography for dental practitioners. This expertise offers unique insights and attention to detail, giving the dental community a comprehensive resource for panoramic and cephalometric needs.

User Support Videos
Proper patient positioning is one of the most popular topics for office staff who use our equipment every day and it is important to have access to tools that make this process simple and easy. User videos on are a great visual to train and refresh your team on the easy steps to achieve exceptional panoramic images!

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