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"I purchased the Panoramic Corporation PC-4000 at year end 2008. As we all know, this is a tremendously busy time of year, and the people at Panoramic Corporation bent over backwards to see that it was delivered and installed in a timely fashion. They have been very helpful in training us to use it and have given pointers on images we have taken. When we call, there is no putting us on hold.  They are there to help right away. Based upon the fact that I owned an original Panoramic Corporation panorex purchased in 1992 and never had a single problem with it, and this wonderful experience of going digital, I highly recommend this company for your panoramic needs."
- Dr. Chris Wilkinson, Marquette, MI

"Anytime you get a combination of great value, great service and a fantastic product, you need to celebrate! Our office truly appreciates our digital pan from Panoramic Corporation! We are getting better images than ever, with absolutely no cost to take a panorex at any time! No film to worry with, no exposures of that box of film by the new assistant, just consistently great images. And it works great with our imaging system as well! There just aren't that many no-brainers out there any longer, but buying this unit is truly a no-brainer. Just do it!”
- Dr. Richard Coker, Tyler, TX

"Please add my name to your list of greatly satisfied practitioners who use the Panoramic Corporation’s PC-1000 panorex machine. I have been in practice nearly twenty-five years and have used a variety of panoramic imaging machines. To this day, I have never found a better machine than the PC-1000. The image quality is consistently excellent and the temporal mandibular joint images are of high resolution and are of diagnostic quality. I have also found the PC-1000 to be highly reliable as we expose fifteen to twenty panorex films daily, week-in and week-out. I truly believe that a practitioner could not find a better product for the money spent in the field of panoramic imaging.”
- Dr. David Ison, Williamstown, KY

"I bought a Panoramic Corporation panorex machine 3 years ago in my practice in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Since then, I have relocated my family to where I grew up and acquired a practice in West Allis and Burlington, Wisconsin. I needed to purchase two digital panorex machines and after comparing panorex companies, I found that Panoramic Corporation once again offered the most competitive prices, warranty, and reliable service. It is an excellent company and I would recommend it to all of my colleagues.”
- Dr. Anthony Ragonese, West Allis, WI

"Let me say I am most impressed by your product. I have an analog Panoramic Corporation PC-1000 that produces the absolute best panoramic radiographs available, whether film or digital. I know this is to be true because I’m an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and I see all the various analog and digital films out there. By far, the detail of your analog unit is superior. For what it’s worth, there’s no question that I will go digital, and hopefully in the very near future. Be assured I will remain a Panoramic Corporation customer.”
- Dr. Gary Burnidge, Tulsa, OK

"Our practice specializes in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. We find that excellent quality clear and reproducible panoramic radiography is essential in order to diagnose, treatment plan and complete treatment for our patients. This is my 40th year practicing clinical dentistry. I rely on a complete history, examination and panoramic radiography for virtually all of our orthodontic patients.  Your panoramic radiography machine has been a big success in our office. It is easy to use and yields terrific results. The pathology is easily understood by the patients and parents when it is pointed out and viewed on one of your films. Thanks for your efforts in bringing high quality radiography to our office.”
- Dr. Jeffrey Ahlin, Gloucester, MA

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