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Investment In Your Practice
Our relationship only begins at the point of sale. We understand that your initial purchase is only the beginning. For some companies, the definition of "Support" or "Warranty" is another way to make more money. Not at Panoramic.

Your initial investment includes a support package that includes a comprehensive product warranty, and exclusive phone and web support - at no additional charge. Additionally, we have a network of more than 300 trained service technicians across the country who will provide your office with local support, installation, and training.

Expert Advice
If that isn't enough assurance that we can care for your machine, consider this: Panoramic Corporation actually built your machine! Who better to provide you with support than the company that manufactures the unit! No other company can match this expertise. When you need to speak with a specialist, you only need to make one call.

Keep in mind that even the best equipment needs to be cared for. Call us today to learn more about easy and affordable preventative maintenance measures that can extend the life of your unit. And ensure that your x-ray machine continues providing you with the highest return on investment.  

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