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Digital Pan/Ceph

Encompassing Technology
Patient comfort and confidence is vital in capturing optimal quality throughout an X-ray scan. Encompass™ achieves this through side entry access with face-to-face orientation, allowing clinical staff the ability to easily guide patients throughout the positioning and capture process.

Encompass™ also features tools such as Carbon Fiber Temple Supports, Multi-Point Laser Alignment, and a Stationery Bite Block to easily direct patients for perfect posture and position in every type of radiographic exam from panoramic & TMJ, to cephalometric and extraoral bitewing.

Encompassing Imaging Programs
Designed with patient care in mind, Encompass™ has a variety of programs to allow you the exact image that you need without extra radiation exposure to the patient. Multiple program settings are easy to view and select on the user-friendly control pad.

Simply select the desired setting along with the proper dosage, and watch as your image instantly appears on the computer system. Patients can be comforted as the machine quickly scans with the lowest amount of radiation needed for their treatment.

Encompassing Connectivity
INTEGRATION: Each dental practice is unique. The Encompass™ panoramic and cephalometric X-ray unit incorporates the latest technology with a digital package that is built upon flexibility, integration, and value to meet the evolving needs of your office.

SOFTWARE: Encompass™ includes user-friendly software that is intuitive and easy for your staff to use. Visual aids such as a green light for “go” and a large “save” button assist with the most commonly used actions, while pre-programmed image functions can provide multiple enhancements with only one click.

Encompassing Care Package
With the purchase of any Digital Imaging System from Panoramic, our customers have access to one of the most comprehensive support and service packages in the industry. We call it the Platinum Care Package.

Backed by years of trust and experience, Panoramic stands alone in its commitment to providing you with years of worry-free maintenance and service. Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we have developed our Platinum Care Package to encompass all the valuable support options that you need, when you need them most.

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