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There is still time!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

While we know this is one of the most popular weeks of the year to enjoy special time with family and friends in between the joyous holidays, we also know many offices are open and serving patients, but also planning year-end equipment decisions.

And we wanted to take a quick moment and let you know, THERE IS STILL TIME to place last minute equipment orders and help make 2017 an amazing year for your office. Take advantage of special YEAR END PRICING, available tax deductions and special financing opportunities before interest rates climb starting Jan 1!

Panoramic will be open all week and Saturday for offices who may be busy closing their year on Friday. Don't let the BEST time of year to save BIG escape your priority list! Contact us via phone (800-654-2027) or via email and let us help make 2017 a little more prosperous for your practice!

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