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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This announcement will be coming to your mailbox soon, if not already, so keep an eye out!

And due to the special nature of the opportunity, it won't last long. Offer ends September 30th.

Monday, August 22, 2016

So you have found a great deal. Now the real question, "Is it really a good deal?"

Today's consumer landscape is ripe with flash sales here and discount double-checks there. You don't have to look hard in finding the latest promotion for just about anything you are buying. This is great for those of us who are dedicated to saving our hard earned pennies, but is the allure of a deal delivering substance beyond the glitch and gloss of a low price?

Deals drive decisions.

And yet the core foundation of all consumer behavior is the desire for a product, whatever it may be, to live up to its promise. Therein is value! What you actually receive for your spend. Everyone defines this different but we can all agree that saving a few dollars on the front end rarely justifies frustration and headaches that can occur when something or someone falls short of the expectation set forth when a transaction takes place.

It's why we take a lot of pride in coining ourselves, "The value leader".  Many come to us because of the notion that our prices are some of the lowest out there.  And it's true!  But the hallmark of our 30-year legacy isn't just a great price. It's great value!  Getting more than you expect is unfortunately a rare thing today and so we encourage all of our customers to look closely not just at the price, but at the value proposition of whatever product or service you choose to invest. Especially when evaluating large equipment investments within your practice!

Because knowing that a company with brand promise who cares about the product well after a purchase, will far exceed what it may "cost" you by merely saving a few dollars up front.  Care vs. cost?  What drives your decisions?

Monday, July 25, 2016

For many practices, general and specialty alike, the use of panoramic radiography yields incredibly valuable diagnostic information for the care and treatment of their patients. In fact, dental professionals will often express to us their deep reliance on this tool in knowing how critical extraoral imaging is to their practice, foremost clinically, but financially as well.

And yet in certain cases there is a school of thought that a pan is only needed for specialists. The following article
Panoramic X-rays make dollar$ and ¢ents
by Richard S. Demke, DDS; William Jacobs; and Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, MBA, published by Dental Economics is an insightful point of reference detailing the many aspects of why a judicious use of panoramic radiography truly does make a lot of cents...and sense!

We invite you to a conversation about how this powerful tool can benefit your practice in both the short and long term! Email us at INFO@PANCORP.COM!

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